Month: August 2019

Essential Oils Helping With Illnesses?​

Essential Oils Helping With Illnesses?​

Aromatherepist Says Essential Oils Can Help With Flu Recovery

Young and ambitious Colombian entrepreneur Ingrid is a self-taught expert in a field of aromatherapy. She uses her writer’s skills to tell us about essential oils, mindfulness and health related issues. She is an environmental activist who supports and promotes the idea of recycling and reusing.

How To Dress As A Woman In Morocco

How To Dress As A Woman In Morocco


Morocco is such a beautiful country located in northern Africa. As you surely know, the country is quite conservative, especially fashion-wise. Not complying to some of their terms can lead to street harassment and looks, which many of us don’t want. Like it or not, you’re in a different country and culture, and you visit it because it’s so raw and unique. I think that with more and more tourists visiting their point of view will change eventually. But until then, be respectful and the respect will come back to you.

Packing for such a conservative country can be a bit tricky. This led me into creating this article, where I discuss my favourite tips on fashion in Morocco.

5 Most Threatening Ecology Issues  + (What You Can Do)

5 Most Threatening Ecology Issues + (What You Can Do)

Are we doomed? This is the question that has been wandering around my thoughts in the past few days. It’s a hard and dark question, considering the fact, that the answer is a burden on the shoulders of all of us.

As a travel blogger, I often get into the point of asking myself whether what we do as tourists and travellers is sustainable and eco-friendly.

There are many issues with tourism and travel especially in countries known for their delicate nature and cultural heritage.