5+ ORIGINAL souvenirs you have to take from London

5+ ORIGINAL souvenirs you have to take from London

Souvenirs from London

If you’re spending a week or only a couple days in London, you should prepare a list or a plan of what to buy for your loved ones (or yourself) as a souvenir. There’s sometimes nothing worse than going from holiday with nothing in your hands, as silly as it might seem.
We often cling to things such as souvenirs, we keep our memories from the trip in the item. Then we can always remember the happy memories from the vacation. So let’s dive in! 

1. London Souvenirs: Fancy a cup of Tea?

What’s the first thing you can think of while mentioning London or UK? Probably the Queen and the tea. You can’t buy the Queen, but you surely can choose among variety of amazing teas
We had a great time just browsing teas in grocery stores, there is really high variety. However, watch the labels carefully and choose the one that is made in Britain
You can also visit local tourist souvenir shops to find little sights packages for a really good price. Just imagine drinking Big Ben tea! And it’s all classic black tea, so you don’t have to be afraid that you won’t like it. (And if you still won’t like it – just add a sip of milk, British style.)
  • Twinings Everyday 100 Tea Bags 290G – £ 5.00

  • Yorkshire Gold 80 Teabags 250G – £ 3.59


2. Always a great souvenir: Chocolate

England isn’t really popular for their chocolate, but they have a really good ones. If you’re a true chocolate sommelier, you probably won’t find much variety. 
However, if you’re a part of general folk who loves milk chocolate more than anything else, UK has lots to offer. 
My personal favourite was Cadbury chocolate in the flavour dairy milk. We also tried the caramel one, but didn’t like it as much as the classic. 
You can also bring Toblerone, heavy triangle-shaped chocolate bar with a beautiful package with Union Jack. 
  • Cadbury – £ 3.50
  • Toblerone – £ 4.50

3. Cocoa in true British fashion

No we’re definitely not leaving the sweet aisle, even though you might have to go a bit further than to your nearest grocery store.
We were totally randomly walking by the Regent’s Street (that’s the one that looks a bit like it’s swirling on photos) near Piccadilly Circus and saw they offer free cocoa tastings. We tried it went a bit further down the street and decided to come back almost immediately
The store was called Whittard and they sell really nicely flavoured cocoas. Even some weird flavours such as Rhubarb tasted amazingly.
The company also sells teas and also tea collections that looked really nice. If you don’t want a tea from the grocery store, this might be the next best option
  • Whittard – around £ 4 

4. Coffee and London time

Coffee isn’t a traditional souvenir from London, but there are plenty to choose from the grocery stores there.

They have so many roasteries where they can make a very unique blend. For example I really loved the Irish cream instant coffee, it tasted almost as good as a real one!


  • Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee 190G – £ 5

  • Stockwell & Co Instant Coffee 100G – £ 0.70

  • Beanies Irish Cream Flavour Instant Coffee – £2.49 (This is the one we bought!)


5. Big Ben as a salter?

Big Ben is a very traditional and usual monument that can be printed or distributed somehow.
If you’re running late to the airport for you way back, you can easily get one of the salters or other kitchen utensils for your loved ones. Shaped like Big Ben of course.
Prices: around £ 1 – £ 5 for pack of more

In conclusion

United Kingdom is a very interesting and diverse country and souvenirs from there tell the same story. You can choose from plenty of useful or less useful items that can serve as a decoration in your home or as a gift for someone you love. 
Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please let me know, if you would like to see a part two of this post, since I have five more ideas up in my sleeve. Thank you for reading and take care in these difficult times!

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