Taste Greece: 5+ Greek Sweets You Totally Have To Try

Taste Greece: 5+ Tastiest Greek Sweets

Most Delicious Greek Sweets

Greek delicate cakes and sweets are definitely sinful pleasure for our demanding tastes. They offer high variety of taste. Mostly made with honey, syrup, fruits and nuts, Greek sweet dishes deserve a place in our taste profile. Check out my top 5+ Greek sweets you totally have to try! 

I recently posted an article about 10+ greek meals you need to try out. Today, we’re doing 5 Greek Sweets You Totally Have to Try, which is even better. At least as a saying goes, the sweeter, the better.

greek food on a plate

10+ Most Delish Greek Foods

I decided to have a separate post to discuss more sweet stuff in Greek cuisine, simply because there’s so many and some of them aren’t as known. I hope you’ll enjoy it and find it valuable.

For those of you who came for the Baklava and Loukumades – most popular ones, they are mentioned in my previous post HERE. These Greek sweets are very tasty and definitely deserve your attention. 

1. Diples

Diples are made out off thin sheets of dough. Then they are rolled into strips and cut and then folded (diples actually means fold).

Diples are then fried in the hot olive oil (similar to Loukumades) and served with cinnamon. You can also get these Greek sweets with nuts and honey on top. 

2. Kourabiedes

Mostly served during Christmas time, Kourabiedes are definitely a cake worth mentioning here.

A soft dough, dipped in hot oil will make you buy more and more. Some of them are filled with fruit jam, especially strawberry, but that’s not really traditional.

Furthermore, Kourabiedes are also dusted with powdered sugar and served this way.

3. Halva

Firstly, halva is a very simple cake, made out of semolina flour (often used in couscous meals) or sesame.

Secondly, Greeks also love to add raisins and cinnamon to it and feel richer taste. 

4. Galaktoboureko

GALAKTOBOUREKO is really similar to baklava. There are thin layers of dough called filo, which is filled with creamy custard and dipped in syrup or honey.

I personally prefer this one to Baklava, simply because of the custard that makes the cake taste less sugary. 

greek sweets diples
Diples, one of the greek tastiest sweets
greek sweets kourabiedes
Kourabiedes, Chistmas guilty pleasure.
Halva, tasty greek sweet food
Halva, custard pie.
greek sweet food galaktoboureko
Don't forget to taste Galaktoboureko when in Greece.

5. Kataifi

Kataifi is definitely one of the most popular Greek desserts. The pastry looks like an angel hair – because of the colour and the length. There are nuts hidden inside. 

The cake is then baked and again, like baklava or galaktoboureko, it is dipped into syrup or honey. It can be served with almonds or another nuts if you prefer. 

Kataifi, greek sweet food,
Kataifi. Do you see the angel hair?

6. Bougatsa

Bougatsa is very popular among street food lovers, as it is a very small pastry. It is widely popular among Greeks and also tourists and travellers from around the world.

It is made from thin layers of dough called filo. Then we put butter on top of them and fold to create something like a snail shell. Bougatsa also requires a creamy custard to be filled with. 

tasty greek sweet food bougatsa
Bougatsa. Filo filled with custard.

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[…] Taste Greece: 5+ Greek Sweets You Totally Have To Try […]


[…] Taste Greece: 5+ Greek Sweets You Totally Have To Try […]


[…] Taste Greece: 5+ Greek Sweets You Totally Have To Try […]