Essential Oils Helping With Illnesses?​

Essential Oils helping with illnesses?

Aromatherepist Says Essential Oils Can Help With Flu Recovery

Young and ambitious Colombian entrepreneur Ingrid is a self-taught expert in a field of aromatherapy. She uses her writer’s skills to tell us about essential oils, mindfulness and health related issues. She is an environmental activist who supports and promotes the idea of recycling and reusing. 

Hello Ingrid, can you please introduce essential oils to our audience? What are they for? Can they heal a cold or a flu for example? How it works from a biological point of view?

Thank you for having me here on your new blog, it’s beautiful by the way! There is a recent hype about Essential Oils since big MLM companies have created an awareness about its benefits, in the past decade, even though essential oils have existed for thousands of years.
Essential oils are the volatile aromatic components of different parts of the plant or trees, and due to it’s chemistry they can be used to treat a variety of ailments, and to enhance emotions.
Yes, they can aid in the betterment of flu symptoms, for example the menthol in the Eucalyptus Essential oil can help smooth the respiratory tract and lungs. Each different chemical component of the Essential oils are beneficial for different parts of our body, and therefore can aid in the it’s recovery. 

How they are being processed from a plant? How long does it take to make an oil from the plant to the bottle? What part of the plant is used for the production?

The process to obtain the Essential Oil is long and costly. First, the best Essential Oils are extracted from plants or trees that grow in the wild in their original and natural habitat. For example, the Essential Oil from the Copaiba tree in Brazil is not the same as an Essential Oil from a Copaiba tree grown in a farm in the U.S. intended for commercialization.
Once the plant has been harvested, the Essential Oil can be extracted either by distillation (submitting the plant to high temperature steam until it yields the oil) or Cold compression (pressing the plant until it yields the oil). This last method is used for Lemon Essential Oil, which is extracted by compressing the rind.
Producers can use the leaf, the roots, the stem, the flower. Each part has a different chemical composition, therefore can used for different purposes. The whole process can take months and even years, from harvest to production and testing, to commercialization. 

I think the real deal here is science. Many people won't believe essential oils and their benefits because they feel it's pseudo-science. Are there studies suggesting it really works?

Scientists have been interested in studying certain plants more than others. For example, we can find more than 600 published studies about Lavender Essential Oil and its main components Linalool and Lynayl Acetate. Whereas we can only find about 100 for Frankincense Essential Oil. Maybe that’s why many people are skeptical about using Essential Oils, because we don’t have access to this information.

Mainstream media and government policies will always focus on the synthetic drugs for illness and ailments, an they invest millions on its investigation and improvement, but very little is allocated towards natural options. That’s why the mission of Essential Oil Experts and Aromatherapists is so important. Good pure Essential Oils do work, and once people start incorporating them they see that it really isn’t just a hype. Educating people and help them find solutions for their problems is the reason why so many people venture into this world of Essential Oils.


4. Where you can buy essential oils? Are they expensive? How can we know if the oil is a good quality? 

There are a lot of low cost imitations out there. You can find them in the drugstores and supermarkets. I suggest you don’t buy them as these have components created synthetically in labs. First red flag is the price. As I mentioned before, good Essential Oils will always be expensive due to the sourcing from its natural habitat, and all the costs of transportation, etc.

Second, always research if the brand has a website displaying all the pertinent information such as sourcing, farming practices, production facilities, and third party quality testing with at least 7 types of tests.

Finally rely on your sense of senses. If it smells funky or overwhelming, or if it creates a reaction on your skin, then it is synthetic and should not be used. 

5. Do people need a diffuser in order to use the oils? How else do you recommend using them?

There are different ways you can enjoy the properties of the Essential Oils. Diffusing it will help enhance your emotions as the components will be sent directly to your limbic system. However, you can also apply them topically, where the components will enter your bloodstream in matter of seconds, helping you feel it’s properties quickly. And some you can use internally (before doing this you need to consult with an expert). Many Essential Oils can be used with Vinegar for cleaning and scrubbing through a non toxic formula.
I recommend always starting small. Mix the Essential Oil with a carrier oil (coconut or almond) and rub it in your hands and arms. Notice how they feel, enjoy the aroma. Then you can incorporate them in your daily routine by diffusing them. 

In conclusion

Thank you so much for an interview, Ingrid! What do you think? Do you have an experience with essential oils? Would you try it after reading this interview? 

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