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Why Filters?

 Filters are something I wanted to create for a longer time. They are what I use for my own photos, to edit them faster. With filters ypu don’t have to tweak sliders and change up things on your own. You click on a filter, and voila, your image is edited and requires to only touch up a few things.

Sometimes I use filters for evaluating my work. You know, sometimes you lack perspective and you’re not really sure how your final photo will look like. Then you find yourself after few hours, still trying to find out what style you want. With presets/filters you can choose preferred style easily and very fast.

They are also great fo you to find new editing styles and have  a more fun with editing. I feel like I always change the way I edit, because one style all the time bores me,

They’re great for beginners in photography, as they show you more advanced look at a program and basically tell you my secret on how I edit.

Lightroom presets are also super easy to use. Your desired photo is just one click away with these!


Most frequent questions and answers

Filters are simple way to edit your photo. They’re made to add a distinctive look to your pictures and to save the time and job while editing them. Photo filters/presets are also a great addition to your current social media strategy as they can help to achieve a cohesive feed on various platforms.

They’re made as Lightroom presets, which means they work in IOS/Android app Lightroom by Adobe or on Lightroom on desktop.

They’re commonly used as an easy way to edit photos without any knowledge or education. Professional filters give you the benefit of editing your pictures with just one click and in 5 seconds.

They’re amazing for:

  • saving time
  • saving the work (you don’t have to edit many pictures one by one, but do it just once, with a preset)
  • creating a cohesive feed
  • if you have no skills but still want to edit like a pro

You will receive them in an email. They will be sent to the address you put to your order, so be sure it’s correct. For any mistakes, please contact

Yes, you need to download Lightroom to your desktop or Lightroom mobile app. It’s free on IOS/Android.

You can use them by simply clicking on the filter. Then you can adjust the basics such as lightness, contrast and saturation to achieve the result to your liking.

If you are not sure about buying our presets, you can contact @bonjourista on Instagram ( and we will edit your photo for you. However, this photo is for reference only and you won’t be able to use it.

You can use the filters in any season you want. They’re made with a style that in our opinion fits the respective season perfectly. However, it’s all about the personal preference. Filters like Gingerbread or Crispy Snow look well on photos from any season particularly.

There are always 4 different filters/presets in one collection. Buying a bundle of 3 collections makes a discount of 15%. 

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