How To Make Your Rented Place Feel More Like a Home

How To Make Your Rented Place Feel More Like a Home

Beautifying my apartment!

As you may know, last year I started studying medical school in the capital of my country, Bratislava. We rented an apartment there, which wasn’t very decorated. Of course, there were some paintings, photos on the wall, useable furniture and a desk. The most important things you need as a student. (And of course, a big chest, which you totally need when you’re a fashion fanatic.)

I’m a firm believer in the importance of making the space you spend the most time in the most comfortable and suitable for your needs. Decorating that space yourself is the best thing to do if you want to feel 100% you there.

I am definitely an introvert, which means I need my space to charge and refill my energy. Without the presence of other people, and without the presence of things other people put there.

Even if you’re not like me, you still probably want to make your rented place a bit more like home. Like your home.

A nice way to do this is to buy decorations such as wall art to help the apartment be less empty (because usually, they are). It helps to warm up the room and make it feel more comfortable in my opinion.

This is how my bedroom looks like!

Making my apartment feel more like home

So, to apply this in my own life, I collaborated with Desenio. They sell the most beautiful and gorgeous art prints and frames online. They have such a big collection of really high quality and stunning images to hang on your wall.

When we were picking up the art and frames, we had so many options and we spent like half a day thinking about what would go best together. Definitely check their website, even if you don’t want to buy anything. They have photos, line art, contemporary art, handpicked collection.. It’s a lot of stuff you can put on your wall, let me tell you. Desenio also has full collections and ideas, which helps you pick what goes together so easily!

About Desenio

If you want to know more about Desenio, they’re a company based in Sweden (and now selling to 30+ countries and still opening their stores in new markets!) with the love for Scandinavian design and art. They believe that art shouldn’t be expensive, and everyone should be able to afford it. Their ambition is to inspire you and help you decorate your dream house, room, or even a small hallway.

They also think about the environment, which is always something I love to see in a brand. From every tree they use for printing their wall art, they plant two new ones. The paper, the art is printed on is made from environmentally certified trees, that were grown in sustainable agriculture.

What did I chose?

From the plethora of styles and designs, we chose the most vibrant to us. I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful blue colored design. It’s very minimal but still fun and stylish. We immediately bought the one that matches it too, so we can have them hang up together.

I think the designs brightened the room greatly, along with others which we do not have on the wall yet. We need to figure out how to put them there without making a hole in the wall. But they’re okay like this, I feel like the way how I put them just above the bed makes it artsier, what do you think?

I chose my favorites, but there are still so many walls to fill up. There were some other collections I really loved, put together by Desenio’s interior designers’ team:

"Lazy summer" wall decor
"Artsy corner" wall decor

Want to decorate your home as well?

Desenio is offering you, my readers a 30% EXTRA OFF! The code “SOSHEGLOWS” gives 30% extra off posters* on all Desenio sites between 28th – 30th April. *Except for frames, handpicked, and personalized posters.

Follow @desenio for more inspiration! 

The discount code for 30% OFF is SOSHEGLOWS

Putting up the "Amber Dusk" in Copper frame
Monstera Three print is diy-ed to the wall

Did You Like Any Of The Wall Art?​

Link to their website where you can find all the art you saw in my post, plus other styles and designs: 

The posters I chose are:

The frames I picked:

This one is a must, I love how it turned out with the art I picked: 

View it on Desenio – Rose gold copper frame (frames according to the size)

If you will choose something, don´t forget to use my code – SOSHEGLOWS for 30% off.

"Weimar circles" wall art
"Blue Tide" wall art
I am holding "Amber Dusk" wall art!
There are "Blue Tide" and "Into the blue" prints behind me!

In conclusion

Hope you enjoyed the blog post and find some inspiration for home decor. As silly as it might seem in these hard times, I love to read about this topic as it calms me down. There´s just something so soothing about decorating your home and playing as interior designer. I really hope you feel the same.


This post was made in collaboration with Desenio. I was gifted the art prints in return for reviewing the service on my blog and social media. All images, words, and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise. Thank you so much for reading sponsored posts and supporting both the sponsors and the blog. You make this blog possible.

Weimar Circles
Amber Dusk
Weimar Shapes

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