I Tried To Dress Like Fashion Bloggers

I Tried To Dress Like Fashion Bloggers

Winter outfits with a twist

Hello everyone, today I wanted to do a post with all of my favourite winter outfits but I decided to spice it a up a bit.

Therefore, I am going to add styles and pieces to my outfits that I don’t normally wear to make it prettier and more interesting. I chose fashion bloggers that seems to be very popular in terms of their blog but social media such as Instagram as well.

However, I’m not going to recreate or copy their outfits, I will just add something they like and recommend to my fit. (I know the title might give you that notion, but I couldn’t come up with better one, sorry for clickbaiting you a bit.)


choosing bloggers

So what I’m going to do? I will look for articles with bloggers giving us (normal not fashionable people haha) their best tips to achieve an outfit that you can look at.

Normally I am a person that really likes fashion and I adore to dress up. However, with school and early getting up I often find myself unable to think about a decent outfit. Most often I just put on jeans and a sweater in order to be comfortable, but I don’t really feel pretty in that, you know.

I usually try to think about it a bit when it’s summer or spring, because the nature of these seasons makes me very happy

How I Dress Normally?

However, in winter it’s not practical to be in a skirt and a shirt that isn’t very warming, because I feel cold (I sometimes sit in front of my desk in a coat, because my school has quite a problem with heating.)

After school I usually go training and I come back home quite late, when it is so cold than I’m often freezing despite jeans and warming undergarments.

As you can see I'm mostly comfortable when I work or go to school. I don't try to dress up as it's just not necessary for me.

where to buy clothes?

I found out that the fashion blogger industry actually changed very much in the past years. I remember watching bloggers and YouTubers that were recommending me stuff that I could buy because they were in a normal price range. Nowadays, every blogger has Luis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and of course, last years favorite, Gucci.

I am so happy for them to be able to have sponsorships with these brands and that they can afford it, but I feel that by every recommendation like this they seem more and more distant.

(I’m not saying its wrong to wear these things if you’re a blogger, just that recommending them every time makes you less relatable and you can potentially lose viewers/readers.)

So here I as well included a little section as to where to buy similar items to your favorite bloggers.

fast fashion brands

Brands like Zara use very popular designs, change them a bit and sell them on lower quality items made in Asian countries. For instance, we could see that on one of the most significant Gucci emblem that is bumblebee with jewels on it. You can find similar jewels and purses, coats, shirts, everything in a clothing store that is way more affordable. It is moralNo, it’s not. But it’s not illegal (but child labour they use(d) is).

vintage/thrift shops

Many times you can find items that are very interesting in thrift stores. They are way more affordable, you’re not supporting fast fashion this way and you can even alter it how you want.

I found there a beautiful fabric on a dress once, which I cut and made skirt and crop top out of it. I needed to downsize it a bit but if you have time, it’s definitely worth it.

You can also google wholesale stores where you can often find something that resembles your wanted piece. They have often very reasonable prices there and the quality is usually very nice.
However, you must look for ones that can actually sell an  individual item since many of them sell only in a bunch. The idea behind wholesale is to have a bulk price.

actual outfits

1.Thigh-high boots

For the first outfit, I chose blogger Jessica Wang. She blogs at notjessfashion.com and have a popular Instagram page with the same name with over 720k followers.

Here’s her advice:

‘You can’t get much more statement in the winter than over the knee boots. They are going strong season after season and the reason why is simple. This staple piece is easy to pair with everything and will make any simple outfit stylish. From suede, leather to velvet, basic colors to something bold, the options are endless.’


I really agree with her on this one. I love knee-high shoes and think that they can look very cute and stylish with basically any outfit. I don’t like wearing them with jeans as she does in the picture, but I opt for them a lot with any short skirts.

Mines are suede and I will say that in terms of material, I couldn’t choose better ones. That fake velvet absorbs almost any dirt and looks so ugly after laying just like that only ten minutes. I guess this is better with higher quality items, but for me, it’s a no. 

Leather ones are okay for people who like leather, but I’m unfortunately not really one of them. I like leather on some pieces, but thigh-high boots aren’t one of them.

So here’s my outfit, let me know how I paired it, and what would you do differently.

Jessica Wang in her outfit.

2. Adding faux fur

Another blogger I picked up is Erika Fox from blog retro-flame.com she has a nice Instagram page (@retroflame) with almost 140k followers.

‘My style is very minimalistic but during the winter, I love to add in a tiny pop of color through faux fur accessories. I also love mixing textures – leather, knit, faux fur. It’s such a fun time for fashion!’


I really agree with her that mixing textures is so fun and pretty. However I don’t really own many of knitted items, nor leather as I was mentioning above. But faux fur is one of my favourite textures – it looks so chic and stylish and if you style it like that, it can look very extra.

So this would be it.. How do you like it? I actually wore something like this to Vienna and I felt really comfortable.

Erika Fox and faux fur.
My attempt at adding faux fur to my outfit.

3. Minimalistic urban chic style

Nicole Franco is a fashion blogger with rather minimalistic and urban chic style. I don’t usually wear clothes like these, but I love them on other people.

Nicole blogs at toogoldstreet.com her insta is @toogoldstreet. She often puts there information about latest styles and trends.

‘Living in Phoenix means winter is virtually non-existent here. Yes it does get cold in the mornings and nights but it often warms up during the day which means the beloved winter layers come off. My ideal winter look is something simple and easily transitional from the 7am chill to the 2pm heatwave. A simple turtleneckjeans, and a pair of Stuart Weitzman knee high boots make for a perfect everyday winter look. Throw on a thin oversized coat to stay warm and you can still enjoy the winter vibes of the season.’

My take on it

I decided to give it a go by pairing simple tight sweater with jeans and a long cozy coat. I tried to wear this on the warmest day this winter as in Slovakia winters can be really cold.

So last Sunday it was around 12°C therefore I couldn’t miss that out! And yes, I was cold. Maybe on mid spring days this would be the perfect choice. 

Well obviously I don’t have Stuart Weitzman knee high boots, and I don’t want to wear a pair of jeans with these kind of shoes so I just went with ankle velvet boots (these do not catch dirt fortunately) which are super comfy.

So here’s my outfit, it is something way different than what I would normally put on when I’m dressing up. This is more like a comfy zone for me and I don’t find it as flattering for my body.

Nicole Franco, minimalistic style.
Nicole Franco, minimalistic style.
My idea of minimalistic.

In conclusion

So this is the end of today’s article. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I really like fashion, and feel quite sad that I stopped caring about it so much.

You can expect more posts like this in the future, but I will do predominantly travel ones, despite these being way easier to do (without spending hours on finding appropriate information).

I was actually thinking about making five outfits but this post has over 1000 words which is quite a lot for a blog these days. Hence that’s why I’m doing only three :).

Have a nice day everyone.

Love, Radka


  • I took bloggers’ advices from farfetch.com

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