Instaworthy Crete (Greece) Itinerary (With a Map)

Instaworthy Crete itinerary

Crete, a picturesque island in Greece

You can’t visit Greece, without seeing Crete. It’s the biggest island of Greece with a rich history and stunning beaches. If you don’t know where to take best insta photos in Crete, this post is for you. This Instaworthy Crete Itinerary will help you achieve to find best places.

Most visitors of Crete stay in their resort where they have everything they need. However, they see only a bit of the beautiful hilly country that Crete has. This is a pity considering all of the beautiful places this island has to offer.

Why Crete?

Lots of tourists recommend going here for many reasons with the most relevant ones being:

  • The island is very tourist-friendly. There are services on point and such necessities as local grocery stores everywhere
  • Crete is a small paradise with sand beaches but also sometimes bloody history and lots of sights to see. It’s best for this Insta-worthy itinerary.

Crete Insta-worthy Itinerary

This road trip itinerary is best for travellers spending their time near Heraklion (Iraklio). The city is the capital of Crete. You can freely prolong your road-tripping experience by Heraklion and start there if you like.

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Malia, the party village

Malia in Crete is best known for partygoers and young adults enjoying their time on motorbikes. Malia is definitely for visitors not worrying about thousands and thousands people in the little town.

However, Malia has its perks. It has lots of lovely restaurants and bars, even a McDonald’s store. You can find a meal there for about 5€ and up. 

Beaches are well cleaned, usually by resorts. The sunbed costs roughly about 10€, which is quite a standard for Greece. 

Sissi, the prettiest village

Sissi has been awarded the title one of the prettiest villages in Crete. It’s only 6 kilometres from Malia. Sissi also has lots of restaurants which sadly aren’t open before 10 or 11 o’clock.

The beach in Sissi is surrounding a small bay. There aren’t many tourists so you get a calmer swim than in Malia. However, it is not a sandy beach and there aren’t any sunbeds. The terrain is quite rocky but the sea is definitely worth it.

Neapoli, a typical Greek town

Neapoli is a little town between Sissi and Agios Nikolaos. The name suggests it is located in Italy but it is far from Italian Naples (Napoli). Neapoli is not near the sea so you won’t get a chance for swimming.

However, it has many lovely cafeterias and restaurants with a typical Greek touch. The prices are very good, for instance, we paid 2.50€ for a traditional Cretan frappe.

Neapoli also has a rich history. There are memorials and sights about the Cretan uprising against the Turks (1830).

In Neapoli, we can also find nice churches with interesting ornaments. They make a good photoshoot point as most travellers are sleeping on it. The fact it’s basically touristless and so calm make for the best insta photos from Crete.

Malia in Crete, Greece
Malia in Crete, Greece
Neapoli, a traditional town in Crete
Neapoli, a little greek town in Crete
Sissi, a little village in Crete

Agios Nikolaos, the Greek Monaco

Agios Nikolaos is one of the biggest cities in Crete. It is on the east to the capital city, Heraklion and north from Ierapetra.

The town is filled with small local businesses selling olive oils, shirts, olives, soaps and other typical souvenirs. It definitely makes sure you’ll have the best insta photos from Crete.

The lake Voulismeni is the biggest tourist attraction. The views from up on the lake are mesmerizing. The whole city is pretty as the picture from up there.

There are also many restaurants near the lake Voulismeni. However, they are pretty expensive for the value they give. They offer sea food such as mussels, langoustines and typical greek food like souvlaki and gyros. You can find a meal there for as low as 7€. The views are worth it though.

Ierapetra with clearest beaches and back sand

Ierapetra has definitely one of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever seen. The beach is clean with lots of cafeterias selling greek frappe and crystal clean water. Ierapetra is the biggest city in the south of Crete. 

It also has lots of churches, grocery stores and little apartments so the holiday there is definitely possible. 

Hope you enjoyed this little insta-worthy Crete itinerary and learned where to take best insta photos in Crete.

Agios Nikolaos, the Greek Monaco
Agios Nikolaos, the Greek Monaco

Map for instaworthy Crete itinerary

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[…] are many issues with tourism and travel especially in countries known for their delicate nature […]


[…] Instaworthy Crete (Greece) Itinerary (With a Map) […]


[…] Instaworthy Crete (Greece) Itinerary (With a Map) […]

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