I Launched My First Preset Collection

I launched my first preset collection

Launching my presets

I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I am so excited to show you what I’ve been working on for the past few months. The rumours were true, I was up to something. If you want to see a story behind my launch and all how I made my presets, read on!

First step, the idea

When I was thinking more about what to create next and how to, you know, further my digital footprint, Lightroom presets came to my attention.

I was using them before, I was creating them just for the sake of time saving. I was using them for editing my photos on Instagram for a while now. So I just thought why not to create presets for other people too.

Many influencers, instagrammers, photographers and digital creators do them to monetize their significant style of editing. It made sense for me to create Lightroom presets. I create photos, edits and generally try to improve my photography and editing skills.

You know that my camera isn’t the best out there and I often have problem to bring out what I want in my photos. And I can only do that by editing. It’s become easier and easier for me to use these professional programs, even though I haven’t studied photography in school and learn how to make it exactly how I want it.

Step two, The process

The process of making a preset isn’t as simple as you might think. You can’t overdo it with sliders as it will look terrible on other photos. However you can’t adjust it just a little bit, because it won’t do anything.

The key here was testing. I tried to test lots of photos, from my DSLR to mobile phone camera. I was pleased to see that my presets worked and I needed to do only a couple of touch-ups.

I didn’t want to create presets just for DSLR though. I know that most people take photos with their phone and their only objective is to post them on social media. That’s why I tried to make my presets/filters as much user friendly and as much mobile phone camera friendly as possible.

Step three, the theme and naming

The theme of Christmas or Valentine wasn’t hard to choose. I was creating them just before the Christmas and I was very thrilled to do a red tones presets. The whole mood and atmosphere is so pretty and unique to me, that I had to make my first launch about that.

The naming of presets also happened kind of spontaneously. I looked at my edited photos and just said, this just has the vibe of Gingerbread, it must be the name. It was gloomy, slightly darker and the tones were red to almost brownish. Like a tasty gingerbread man you have on Christmas Eve. Gingerbread is definitely my favourite out of the collection, since it’s has more contrast and highlights to it.

Christmas Carol is totally Christmas inspired. It has that red warm tones and blinding highlight that makes a photo pop but with a gentle haze and calmness that you would expect to feel during singing of Christmas carols. The photo pops with colour but not in an aggressive way, but more gently and calmly of that makes sense. Christmas Carol makes amazing photos just by applying it, I honestly feel like I need to use it on everything.

Warm & Cozy is one of these feel good presets that are portraying just that. It’s literally what I’ve written on the preset’s description page, it enhances the mood of cuddling under the blanket with a book when it’s cold February and you want to spend Valentine by yourself or a crazy winter and you just want to sip a cup of coffee. Warm and Cozy represents that beautiful feeling of nostalgia, calmness and overall well-being and the type of happiness that can be found only in solitude.

Sparkly Season is that New Year’s, diva, extra type of preset. It’s to make the colours pop, but with elegance and grace. It makes the glitter more glittery, the highlights sharper, the red and pink more vibrant. It hides the yellows and oranges and focuses more on green and blue, as they’re more royal looking. It’s made for all those who are extra, taking photos in fancy silky dresses and totally getting roses for Valentine’s day. (Even from themselves, that’s how diva this preset is.)

Happy New Year is a preset that firstly didn’t exist. It was a mistake, an error (but oh, how beautiful of an error it was) a garbage. But I spotted something amazing in it. It isn’t as blinding or as colourful, it isn’t as vibrant. The preset portrays slightly minimalistic aspect to it. It has the feeling of creating reasonable New year’s resolutions and waking up in the morning after a feel good celebration of New Year. I love it for making my skin look less yellow and giving me more colour and blush. It’s great for more dull photos, because Happy New Year colorizes and accentuates every bit of it without overdoing the edit.

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Step four, the pricing

The pricing of your work is always the hardest. You can’t make it cheap, because then it becomes unbelievable and seem like a scam, you can’t make the product expensive because no one will buy it, and you have to count all the time you put into creating it.

I priced my presets with 10€ as a collection, meaning you’ll get 5 presets and a guide book. I feel like it’s maybe too cheap considering the market, but I can’t price my first launch higher, right?

It’s all the things that matter too. Is my company established? No, it isn’t. Is my brand recognizable? Not really. Am I on the market for x years and my knowledge is approved by critics? Definitely not.

So that’s why the pricing is what it is. I also didn’t want to make them too pricey, just for your sake. I believe that you should be also able to choose if you want only one product out of the collection, that’s why I created them as singles too. Which also took a lot of time, to create interactive pages, comparison sliders, to buy a newer, better hosting.

But I love doing that. I really really nejoy creating something valuable and sharing it with my audience. I obviously hope it will do well, but we’ll see. I have a lots of new collections planned ahead, so don’t worry if you’re not a huge fan of red tones. There will be something for you 100%!


In conclusion

So, I guess this is the end of the post. How do you like the presets? Do you like the colours? Do you feel differently then me about them when you edit? Do they remind you of something else?

Don’t forget to send me your edited photos so I can take a look and share your edits!

Tell me in the comments below!

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