Christmas Preset Collection


Lightroom presets or photo filters are commonly used by photographers, influencers, brands, and bloggers. They are necessary to achieve a cohesive look across your social media. You can learn more about how they work on the FAQ page.

Christmas collection of presets consists of 5 unique cohesive filters that balance each other out. They offer a red-tinted edit to showcase the personality and give a unique feel.

They cost 10€, which means one preset cost 2€. They are together in a bundle, but you can also shop them separately.

Check out the description of the product below to learn more!


❤️ Editing is done in 1 click, 1 second

❤️ Fully customizable

❤️ Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

❤️ 5 mins installation

❤️ Lifetime purchase protection

❤️ License for selling your photos, branded photos

❤️ No need for any knowledge regarding photography or editing

❤️ Red tones = unique feed

❤️ Glittery finish

❤️ Cohesive feed

❤️ Great for enhancing the Valentine or Christmas spirit

❤️ Suitable for BOTH dark and bright photos

❤️ For the price of 2 Starbucks coffees

❤️ For use with official Adobe Lightroom App that is FREE

❤️ Sold with installation guide!

Price: 10€

Product Type: Digital, download only

Works with: Lightroom Free Mobile App + Desktop

What you will get: Preset in .dng file with the graphics and a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the product. If you have a problem, use this contact form and send us a message.


Transforming Your Vision into Creative Results

Christmas collection brings everything you love about the holiday. Warm tones, sparkles and vivid lights. Now you can achieve the same with your photos, with my carefully made presets that are great all year long!

Christmas Collection


Gloomy look with softer blacks and whites. Works amazing with photos that are darker and build on atmosphere.

Christmas carol

Trying to capture an indoor Christmas atmosphere? This filter adds the feel of cuddling up under the blanket next to the fireplace.

Warm and cozy

Red hues that bring that Christmas mood to your pictures. Works great for darker photos with red coloured objects.

Sparkly Season

New Year and sparkles goes hand in hand with taking pictures and editing. This preset will make the glitter pop up even more.

Happy New Year

Great for darker photos as this preset brightens the mood of any photo! It makes photos more white and balanced with red tones.

gingerbread before

Boost your Success Online

Presets are easy tools for marketers, influencers, photographers and bloggers. Save time by ordering and using my presets today. Your desired photo is one click and easy setup away. Only for the price of two Starbucks coffees.


BEFOREchristmas carol


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Still Not Convinced?

Read more about filters/presets and how they work in my FAQ page here.

Learn how to edit with my presets on your phone. Your easily beautifully edited photos are only one click away!

do you like only one?
Buy singles!

Now you have a great option to choose single preset and assembly your collection on your own. One single preset cost only 3€. Shop them below.

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