Ultimate Guide To Hashtags That Everyone Should Read


A guide To Hashtags

Hashtags. They’re talked about so often they might as well lost its meaning. These little tags are moving the world right now. Don’t believe it? Read on!

Instagram isn’t the only company using hashtags as a way to categorise posts on social media. Facebook does that, YouTube as well and Pinterest too.

Due to these reasons, it is really important to do your research and read as many articles such as this one. If you really want to grow, no, if you actually want to EXIST on social media, you need to use them. If you want more detailed tutorial, check out my FREE EBOOK Cracking the Hashtags here. All I need is your email to send your copy straight to your mailbox.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are tags with a keyword always distinguishable by this #. Many websites or social sites also use color coding. Meaning that if you write #travel it is probably blue, underlined or somehow changed compared to other text.

Social media hashtags are here to better categorise your posts. Especially if those posts are images. You might as well think that nowadays computers can literally see everything and scan your image like you’re watching a movie.

Why do you need to use hashtags

This thinking is flawed though. For example, if you post an image of a flower on Instagram, computers, robots or the algorithm don’t know that there’s a flower on the image.

It might know what are similar pictures to your image based on colours or shapes, but it doesn’t connect those pixels to a word “flower”.

And this is where you come in. You need to help the system, the algorithm to see what’s on that image. That way it can be categorised properly and therefore put in front of a right audience that will engage with your post.


Using right hashtags to help you grow

Why you can't use regular hashtags

A right hashtag isn’t just a normal hashtag. Many people correctly describe their image with tags. They use all 30 (that’s the maximum limit available on Instagram, may differ to other social media), hit post and wait.

They are waiting for a miracle. There’s practically zero chance their post will be noticed in a pool of millions of others, because of one simple mistake. The volume.


What are right hashtags for your Instagram

A right hashtag is planned, carefully selected and chosen among many others. Then it is tested and maybe thrown away. This takes time, but it’s so worth it.

Right hashtags for your account really depend on couple of factors:

  • Your amount of followers
  • Your amount of followers across all social media (cross promotion)
  • Competitiveness of your niche (what you’re posting about basically)
  • Your ability to post viral content

Keeping this in mind, it’s not that easy to find hashtags that are perfect for you. There are couple of steps that will walk you through finding a right hashtag.


How to find perfect hashtags

1. Do your research

Doing your research is key element in everything, don’t you think? It also is important here, on Instagram or any social media really.

Hashtags can be researched pretty easily. I will use Instagram for this little tutorial.

Firstly, you need to write your niche tag into a top box in the app. For example, like me, you are a traveller and want to spread a message about that. That means, travel is your niche, your topic.

Then you’ll find pictures for that tag. If you are lucky and have millions of followers, you might want to use this one. But for others, I really do not recommend it. These tags are high volume, they’ve got around 100 million posts and you probably can’t compete with all of these people.

Check out top nine images from the #travel. Look for number of likes and comments and the time the post was published. If the post has way too many likes than you get for that time period, you don’t want to use this hashtag.

Move further to other tags, with 10 million and less. And continue looking.


2. Check out the competitors

Checking out the competition is great way to do this if you don’t really want to put up any work. However you still have to do something. Chances are that your competitors aren’t using right tags and you’re just wasting time.

However, I still recommend at least clicking at couple of those you don’t recognize. This way you might find a whole community of people which is sometimes even better.

3. Do the 10 method

YouΒ΄ve got 30 hashtags. Put them to three groups, one with highest volume (but not unreachable!), second one with the right volume and third with lowest.

This way you can basically build up awareness about your post in the algorithm. You’re totally going to rank in top nine in low volume hashtags. This increases your chances by being promoted in the right volume and then high volume drastically.

You can also change up these numbers, for example 15 and 7,7 hashtags each, but my method works better.

4. Do this every month or so and change them up

If you’re not lucky, try to change your hashtags. Most common mistake people do is choosing way too many high volume hashtags and not ranking anywhere.

Stay humble and choose smaller ones as well. Experiment with it. And if it doesn’t work at all, start from scratch.


Cracking the Hashtags Ebook

Hashtags are powerful tools of social media. They are something we can change in order to grow. Everything else is in the hands of mighty algorithm. So happy hashtag-ing! I really hope you will succeed with my methods.

If you want to broaden your knowledge about hashtags, download my free ebook called Cracking the Hashtags. There isn’t much text, just more explanation to why does this really work. You can also find a more detailed tutorial on how to choose right hashtags with explained screenshots from Instagram.


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